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IntelliFlo 5PXF VSF

Our high efficiency pumps for semi-commercial applications.

  • Tradegrade


  • PIP förderungswürdig

    PIP Product

    Elegible product for points on the Partners Incentive Program for professionals.

The IntelliFlo VSF Pump is the first to adjust to changes in flow conditions to maintain its preprogrammed flow rate to run optimally throughout the entire filtration cycle. It’s like having cruise control for your pump.


  • 3hp permanent magnets motor, made in Italy, improved efficiency 
  • 8 programmable speed/time - simplified menus 
  • Rotatable LCD display / optional wallmounting kit (PN. R356905) 
  • Real time clock with 24hrs retention 
  • TradeGrade exclusivity, only available on Whisper and XF lines 
  • RS485 Modbus communication / Optional control cable (PN. R350122) 
  • Inlet/Outlet → 90 mm threaded 
  • Ø Unions → 75 mm or 90mm 
  • Unions included → Yes 
  • Salt resistance → 0,40% (4 g/l)

Features & Benefits

  • ¼ turn opening lid

    Easy opening and locking
  • XXXL strainer basket

    Longer periods between cleanings
  • Handle on the top

    Easier to carry
  • Diamond seal

    Increased durability and tighter seal
  • Hydraulic isolator separating priming water from pumping water

    Faster priming, less turbulence and increased efficiency

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