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What is a virtuous Pool

What is a virtuous Pool?

The variable-speed pump, the essential component of a virtuous pool

The variable-speed pump, the essential component of a virtuous pool

How can branding help you grow

How can branding help you grow?

prowler p series

PROWLER P-series

Like a fish in water!
Easy to carry and ergonomic
Methodical and efficient cleaning of the whole pool
Fine filtration – quick to clean

InverTemp FL


The Pentair InverTemp-FL heat pump automatically heats or cools your pool according to the desired temperature. It adapts to external conditions to ensure the best bathing comfort while optimizing the consumption.

soleo connect


The new SOLEO solutions intelligently and comprehensively meet the water treatment requirements of all home pools.Three full solutions that adapt to all needs.


Go to the next level and Make the water cleaner!

Pleatco cartridges are made of high-quality materials. They are known for their sustainability and performance and are designed to reduce maintenance costs and extend the life of the pool or spa filtration system. 

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    How to improve your clients' pool with the IntelliFlo3 VSF pump?

    Optimize your clients' pool with the IntelliFlo3 VSF pump: an easy guide for replacing a pump and connecting it to the existing electrical box. Facilitate the transition from a standard pump to the Pentair IntelliFlo3 VSF variable speed pump by easily connecting it to the existing electrical box. Your clients will be won over by the benefits of the Pentair IntelliFlo3 VSF variable speed pump, which allows cost-effective and remote management of their pool. If you have any questions regarding its connection, programming, or integration with the pool's mechanical clock, this guide is designed for you. Read more
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    Pentair. ‘Making Better Essential’.

    Here we review the good progress being made towards achieving the Pentair social responsibility strategic targets and showcase how its European operations are playing their part. Pentair has a long history of innovation that has made a positive impact on people and the planet. The decisions we make, the products we create, the solutions we offer, and the partnerships we form, are opportunities to make the world better. Read more
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    Pentair Europe – vocal about sourcing local

    ‘Local-for-local sourcing’ improves quality, efficiency and flexibility at Pentair Europe For a business committed to European manufacturing for European markets, it should come as no surprise that 80% of the Pentair Europe annual shopping basket is sourced here on this continent. The Pentair credo, ‘Made in Europe for Europe’ should perhaps read ‘Buying and Producing in Europe, for Europe. Read more
  • heat pump guide

    Technical guide on heating priority with Pentair

    Controlling a variable speed pump from a heat pump is simple to set up and makes the pool more efficient and more pleasant to swim in. It’s an essential service to offer your customers, who will greatly appreciate your expertise! Read more

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