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IntelliFlo3 VSF

Peace of mind at your fingertips with simple smart phone control

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The IntelliFlo3 VSF Pool Pump leverages built-in sensorless flow control for optimum water flow adjusted to the pool’s conditions, keeping the pool performing at its best. Set up, monitor and operate the pump from anywhere with wireless technology control through the Pentair Home App.

Technical features:

  • New motor, drive, pump design for unmatched efficiency
  • New permanent magnet motor design, made in Italy.
  • 4g/l salt resistant.
  • Unions included – 50 and 63mm (1.5HP), 63 and 75 mm (3HP model).
  • Intelliprotocol communication (RS485) compatible with Intellipool (Fw 5.07) and Speedeo Connect.
  • No need for communication cables – communication ports accept lead wires.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple Smartphone Control - The Pentair Home App gives seamless WiFi or Bluetooth® wireless technology control, so you can monitor the pump or change the flow rate from anywhere.

    Gives the homeowner comfort and peace-of-mind; the Pentair Home and Pro Apps alert both homeowners and service pros about real-time pump status, alerts and notifications.
  • Variable Speed and Flow - like dynamic cruise control, IntelliFlo3 auto-regulates/adjusts speed based on your pool’s changing conditions to keep flow constant; the “set-it-forget-it” way to clean healthy water.

    Up to 90% energy savings. Slower speed and regulated flow save energy and have a noticeable impact on that monthly utility bill.
  • Built-in automation - Two on-board relays allow you to schedule and control external devices, such as lights or salt chlorine generators.

    Turns your pump into a basic automation system.
  • New synchronous permanent magnet motor and optimised pump design.

    Its unique motor technology provides silence like no other: when running at a low speeds, it sounds like nothing more than a whisper.
  • Pentair Home connectivity

    Get instant information on the status of all your devices 24/7.
  • Pentair Pro connectivity

    The application provides professionals with all the information they need about their customers’ water in one place, at any time and in any location.


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    Connecting your IntelliFlo3

    Connecting your IntelliFlo3

    Contacting a pro

    Contacting a pro

    Programming your IntelliFlo3

    Programming your IntelliFlo3

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