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IntelliBrite-E Pool

High performance and extra flat LED light for an easy wall fitting or IntelliBrite-E niche installation.

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Pentair IntelliBrite-E lighting is a complete, integrated system of colored and white LED pool lights mounting systems, accessories and control systems. No matter what your pool design, IntelliBrite-E lighting integrates beautifully; the system is supported by a selection of wall fittings, niches, and trim accessories to make every installation harmonize perfectly with any structure and surface finish. Plus, it’s compatible with Pentair lighting control systems and laminars to allow brilliant, coordinated light shows that bring excitement and intrigue to the night.


  • Available in white and color-changing 
  • Power- and mid-power LED technology 
  • Extra flat design for perfect integration in the pool design 
  • Graphite heat dissipator for extended product life 
  • Unpluggable for easy maintenance
  • Two mounting ways, directly in wall fittings or with the IntelliBrite-E Niche
  • Compatible with any IntelliBrite controller 
  • Synchronizes with the Magicstream Laminars as well as any other IntelliBrite compatible lights. 
  • Provided with 3m cable

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