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Fear of installing an automation system? Fear of wasting time or not being trained enough? Stressed about simply getting started? Need support or simplified solutions?

E-Box is THE solution that will give you back your confidence in automation and simplify its installation!

E-Box is THE all-in-one solution that includes automation and an electrical cabinet, already wired according to the electrical standards in force. Only 3 or 4 cables to connect and it is done. You just need to supply the equipment with power from the electrical cabinet, like any standard installation. There is no room for error. 

You will have a clean installation that guarantees optimum operation with maximum safety.

E-Box is available for all our automation systems, in a complete or light version. Without a doubt, the e-Box that meets your needs is among our five references.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to purchase

    Only one sku all-included (power box + automation)
  • Easy to install

    Plug and play, error-proof turnkey system, compliance secured, can be done by a simple technician without specific skills.
  • Easy to service

    Pentair hotline for technical support. E-Box are standard products with standardized wiring plans.


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