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How to choose a heat pump

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We have found that a heat pump is the best way to heat a pool. Efficient and cost-effective, a heat pump is perfect for extending your summer while minimising your energy costs. So, all you need to do is choose the right one!

Choosing the right type of heat pump

Heat pumps can use different technologies. The most basic models only heat the water from a given temperature, without any possible power adjustment (on/off), while more modern models have smarter functions.

So how do you choose the right heat pump? First, think about how you use your pool and select the type of heat pump that will best suit.

Do you heat your pool all year or just in season?

If you plan on heating your pool when the ambient air is below 10°C (at the beginning and end of the season, or in winter), a heat pump without an effective defrosting function may freeze due to the discharged air, which can sometimes be below zero. In this case, you will need a reversible heat pump, which temporarily reverses its function to stop ice from forming on the exchanger.

The more the heat pump is adapted to low temperatures, the more efficient and protected it will be in all temperatures, especially at the beginning and end of the season.

It is even preferable to choose an inverter reversible heat pump that adapts even better to different temperatures, as explained later.

Heating water, and cooling it too?

If your heat pump is reversible, this also means that it can cool water. This is very practical in preventing it from overheating in the middle of summer (which encourages bacteria and can damage the equipment such as the liner).

Silent heating while maximising savings?

Inverter heat pumps adapt their power (compressor) to continuously maintain the water temperature while using as little energy as possible. If the current temperature is far from the set temperature, the pump heats up using its maximum power. Once the desired temperature has been reached, it then adapts its power to the minimum in order to maintain the temperature, like the air conditioning in your car.

And for maximum silence, opt for a full inverter heat pump that adapts the speed of both its compressor and its fan. The benefit? It runs very quietly on low speeds. For example, you can then leave the heat pump on throughout the night on a slow heat, without disturbing your or your neighbour's sleep, all while being cost-effective and giving you a pool that is always the perfect temperature!

The full inverter heat pump: for a perfect pool appropriate for all uses

Inverter heat pumps, in particular full inverter heat pumps, are the best way to control the temperature of the water in your pool, always adapting to your particular needs. For example, with an InverTemp heat pump you can heat your pool earlier and later in the year, maintain an optimal temperature throughout the season, all done silently, for a more comfortable, cost-effective, and better swim.

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