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How do you heat a swimming pool?

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Imagine being able to bathe all year round in temperate water. Or just making your summer last longer and benefiting from your pool earlier in the spring and later in the autumn, without ever shivering when entering the water...

It is actually possible, and it isn't a luxury reserved for a lucky few. So anyone can heat their swimming pool, in accordance with their wishes and means!

A pool cover before anything else

To heat your swimming pool and keep it warm for longer, install a cover system first. Because open air water cools down more quickly, evaporates and is exposed to UV rays which destroy the chlorine. A sheet is therefore a simple and virtuous system that enables to make actual savings on energy and treatment products.

There are different types of covers available: a simple sheet in itself can be very efficient. Certain models, such as solar sheets, heat the pool water by a few degrees: an economical, but low-performance solution.

In the same vein, the pool shed is also a means of heating pool water and maintaining an elevated temperature by means of a greenhouse effect. Practical, sure; but aesthetically pleasing? Not so sure...

Alternative solutions: solar or electrical heating

Solar heating for pools is relatively economical but needs enough space to install solar collectors and is only really efficient in sunny regions. Regions where, paradoxically, heating pool water is not strictly necessary.

The electrical re-heater is another solution just for heating your swimming pool, installed in the filtration network. But beware: like any other electrical heating device, it consumes a lot of energy and may give you some nasty surprises when you get your bill at the end of the month!

In summary, these solutions have their advantages, but also certain inconveniences that must not be ignored. Fortunately, there is another solution which has proven to be the best by far.

The heat pump: the best solution for heating your swimming pool

The heat pump (HP) is the smartest method of heating your swimming pool: although the installation involves a certain investment, it's the most cost-effective and virtuous way to heat your swimming pool in the medium term. In fact, this installation creates more heat compared to the energy it uses, by using the heat of the outside air to heat the water in your pool. Just like a domestic heat pump.

What's more, when it is reversible, it will automatically defrost much more efficiently to heat your swimming pool earlier and later in the year, even at very low temperatures. In the event of a heat wave, it will also allow the water to cool, which increases the durability of your equipment (particularly the pool liner). Finally, equipped with the Full Inverter technology that enables it to vary its power, a HP is even more virtuous by bringing the right quantity of heat at the right time, and doing this as quietly as possible when you want to chill by your swimming pool!

As you can see: the heat pump is the best solution for heating your swimming pool, making your summer longer and bathing throughout the year, in the most virtuous and economical way possible.

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