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What is a virtuous pool ?

virtous pool

Why are we talking about virtuous pools ?

The notion of virtue or being virtuous is characterised in different ways in the dictionary:

  • Virtuous : “which has moral qualities, inspired by noble sentiments. ”
    (French dictionary Larousse https://www.larousse.fr/dictionnaires/francais/vertueux/81692). 
    This first definition introduces the notions of merit, wisdom and honesty. These are essential qualities for the proper management of a pool, for example analysing its requirements and implementing the right actions, complying with the right settings, taking care with treatment, and more.
  • Virtue : “ A particularly good, efficient quality or property of something ; ability, property. ”
    (French dictionary Larousse  https://www.larousse.fr/dictionnaires/francais/vertu/81689)
    In this second definition, virtue is a synonym of capability, efficiency, faculty, ability and power. This applies to the quality of equipment (design, durability, etc.) and its operation (simplicity, functionality, etc.) which need to be as virtuous as possible: the efficiency of each device, water quality, treatment capacity, disinfectant activity, filtration power, etc. Here, virtue is a synonym of quality and its opposite would be defective or poor quality material.

A definition of the virtuous pool:
a virtuous pool is a pool fitted equipment which is easy to usereliable and durable, suitable for operating effectively, continuously and autonomously , which is resource-efficient (in terms of energy, water and products) and has low environmental impact.



Which are the criteria that define a virtuous pool ?

The right quantity at the right time : proper operation of the pool and the right water quality for swimming essentially depend on the simple rule  of “ the right amount at the right time ” being respected. The right amount of water, the right filtration time, the right dose of disinfectant, the right amount of heat...

The right action at the right time : whether manual or automatic, each requirement needs an action. The triggering of filtration, cleaning of the bottom of the pool, adding of disinfectant, and activation of heating all follow a proper analysis of requirements: verification of the water temperature and parameters, monitoring of the clogging of skimmer baskets or the filter, etc.

The swimmability rate: the more virtuous a pool, the more often it is available for swimming. This is not counted in hours but in days, weeks, months and seasons - all hassle-free. Fewer problems, less lost time and much more bathing fun. 

Who is a virtuous pool for?

Virtuous pools are pools intended for those who would like to benefit from their pool for as long as possible (comfort and swimmability) with the right maintenance (ease of use and automation), as few problems are possible (reliability, efficiency, durability) while respecting the environment (minimal consumption and discharge) and their health (health and safety: the quality and cleanliness of water with judicious treatment) and their wallet (consumption and durability of equipment/investment).

Which pool equipment is concerned?

A virtuous pool is a pool which opts for equipment such as:

virtous pool products

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