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REG pH Dosing Solution

Automatic pH controllers - for peace of mind.

  • Peace of mind

  • Optimised chlorinator operation

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Did you know that balanced water is important for bathing comfort? A pH of around 7.2 is necessary to fully benefit from your pool. Indeed, the water pH is fundamental when a pool is treated with chlorine or by using electrolysis: if it is too high, the chlorine is no longer active and there is a risk of your water quality deteriorating, leading to a whole range of problems: algae, colour alterations or unpleasant smells. Whichever way you treat your water, it is critical that its pH is always well controlled.
The new Pentair REG pH controller helps you to maintain the water pH at an ideal level. It features a pH probe to measure the pH of the water in real time and instantly corrects this if necessary. As electrolysis of salt water tends to increase the pH, it is the ideal device to support your chlorinator. Perfectly balanced water and efficient chlorine treatment guaranteed.

Features & Benefits

  • The pH is kept at its set point to guarantee the efficacy of the chlorine treatment

    Peace of mind
  • pH maintained at an optimum level even with a chlorinator that tends to raise the pH

    Optimised chlorinator operation
  • Works with both acid and base

    Adapts to all types of water

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