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Lil Shark

Ideal for above-ground and small swimming pools. Convenient and easy to use.

  • New lovely design

  • Scrubs pool floor with its patented bristles

  • 2-way cleaning removes even the toughest dirt

  • Includes adaptor piece to hook up the cleaner to a telescopic pole for the hard to reach areas

'Lil Shark has a stylish new design that brings a fresh and fun look to your pool cleaning experience. And it deploys powerful cleaning action against even the toughest grime; its dual band of sturdy nylon bristles actively scrubs away stubborn debris that other cleaners leave behind. 'Lil Shark is built to last, with a rugged housing and only one moving part. It installs in minutes - no special tools or fittings are required. Just attach the hose, place it in the water, and watch it do the work for you automatically.

  • Hose length: 10 m 
  • Suction cleaning as from 6 m³/h


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