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New guidelines

New guidelines

You play a critical role in advocating the Pentair brand. Consistent, correct and repeated use of a brand helps build memorability, recognition and ultimately trust. It increases the likelihood that your customers will return to buy from you, and recommend your and Pentair products and services. In fact, research has shown that consistent brand presentation by a company and its partners can help increase revenue by up to 23%.1

That’s why it’s very important to ensure that every interaction with our brand should be consistent - using the same messaging, logo and design elements. So that you know how to use and refer to the Pentair brand in your own literature, websites and other communication materials, we’ve created these Pentair Channel Partner Brand Guidelines.

The guidelines cover the most common forms of partnership branding. If you cannot find specific guidance you’re looking for, or for any questions, please contact your Pentair representative for help.

We appreciate your support to ensure these guidelines are used and met. By using our brand correctly and giving it more visibility, you will help us both to grow.

John Jacko, Chief Growth Officer, Pentair


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