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More smart and sustainable pools with Pentair



In this period where the economy is experiencing the effects of an unprecedented health crisis, studies and analyses are showing - day after day - that consumers are increasingly questioning their habits and the products they buy. 

Demanding customers

More price-conscious and demanding, their expectations are changing towards products that address their concerns both in terms of energy and resource consumption, health-related and environmental safety. They hope to benefit from an optimal pool experience on a daily basis with maximum ease of use and minimal maintenance.

Restrictive regulations

Restrictive green rules and ecological standards are increasingly binding all economic players. Water and power consumption is questioned, the use of disinfection and control products is being increasingly regulated, and waste is monitored. The circular economy is going become a reality and involve manufacturers, distributors and consumers.

The commitment of pool specialists in their daily work

These growing constraints are already significantly impacting the pool sector throughout Europe. 

Numerous pool builders have already incorporated and are trying to meet these expectations by proposing pools to their clients that are increasingly smart and sustainable, thanks to the installation of equipment which simplifies, improves and automates pool operation.

A manufacturer with high added environmental value

Pentair, a global manufacturer in the water industry, has been striving for years to manufacture quality, safe and durable equipment in its European factories, which meets the requirements of consumers and helps pool builders in their work. 

The company has been investing massively in innovation for more than 20 years to:

  • develop technologies that have become market standards such as the Intelliflo variable speed pump, the Clean&Clear element filter or the IntelliPool home automation solution,
  • improve its processes for better production with less energy and fewer resources (such as the Pisa site which uses its solar panels to produce more solar energy than it consumes),  
  • source, locally if possible, construction material that is both robust and has low environmental impact,
  • recycle and recover industrial waste,  

These various efforts have been recognised numerous times internationally with several prizes awarded such as EnergyStar Partner of the Year, for the sixth consecutive year, and the Shingo Prize for operational excellence from its site in Moorpark, California.

As a responsible brand, Pentair has been committed to major humanitarian projects for many years, creating drinking water supply networks and training hundreds of thousands of people in water management in Africa, South America and India (the WASH programme).

For smart and sustainable pools

With its ranges of products and services, Pentair offers a set of solutions to pool builders and consumers to make their pools more economical and more environmentally friendly with controlled operation. 

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Submitted by Mark Segers (not verified) on Tue, 10/12/2021 - 10:30



ik heb gekocht: een pentair Sta-rite intelliflow zwembadpomp de 31 m³ kan doen


Nu draait hij op 2700 toeren en ik vind dat het motordeel warm wordt.


De sprayers werken prima dus alles werkt.


Wie kan er iets zeggen over de warmte die deze pomp kan hebben of ontwikkelen


Of maak ik me zorgen om niets


Mark Segers Indonesie

Answer comment

Vraag Mark,


De genormaliseerde waarde voor de levensduur van isolatiematerialen is 20.000 tot 25.000 uur, gebaseerd op de maximaal toelaatbare grenstemperatuur. De isolatieklasse van een motor bepaalt de maximaal toelaatbare wikkelingstemperatuur = 145°C bij klasse F (grenstemperatuur 155°C)Deze theoretische levensduur wordt echter, zo leert de ervaring, meestal met een veelvoud overschreden.


Dus een motor die warm wordt is heel normaal.


Onze motoren zijn ook uitgerust met een thermische beveiliging; moest de temperaatuur echt te hoog gaan dan valt deze automatisch uit.


Een intelliflo pomp is wel ontwikkeld om extra traag te draaien om minder electriciteit te verbruiken dus 2700 rpm is redelijk hoog maar zeker niet extreem.


Ik stel wel voor om de pomp op 1500 rpm te ltn draaien en indien nodig iets langer per dag om alle volume 3x per dag om te zetten.


The Pentair Team

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