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The Green Deal: the expected impact on pools

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A commitment for more virtuous growth in the economy

The European Green Deal a growth strategy that “aims to transform the EU into  a fair and prosperous society, with a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy where there are no net emissions of greenhouse gases in 2050 and where economic growth is decoupled from resource use. ” 

This project is part of Europe’s wish to prepare all of its economic players to adapt, within a period of 25 years and at generational level, to the climate and environmental challenges that await us.

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European climate legislation

This legislation, which is going impact all sectors of the economy, will take the form of legal obligations such as those concerning investing in technologies which respect the environment, using cleaner and healthier modes of transportimproving energy efficiency, and guaranteeing production cycles which are more durable and more environmentally friendly. 

In its routemap with actions (link 1), the EU specifically foresees a move to a clean and circular economy and pollution reduction with laws on the circular economy (2020), legislation for batteries and waste (2020), a “zero pollution” action plan for water, the air and the earth (2021), and an overhaul of energy taxation (2021). In short, this involves numerous regulations which are going to impact the pool sector.

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Its consequences for the pool market

This is why it is necessary for consumers and pool builders to carefully choose their suppliers and toopt for products that meet this whirlwind of forthcoming regulations and standards. Eco-designed equipment, sourcing of recycled materials and durable components from European companies, local manufacture (regional, national or European), which is low in consumption (of water, energy, materials) and in emissions (waste, discharge, CO2, etc.), durable and responsible products which can be repaired and recycled: these are many criteria that should guide the choice of a particular piece of pool equipment today.

And what about for the pool itself?

The Green Deal will also have consequences for pool operation: reduction in water, electricity and chemical consumption thanks to judicious and automated treatment, reductions in wastewater discharge and dechlorination for re-use, collection and recycling of product packaging, the addition of pool protection equipment, etc. 

Many actions and practices need to evolve. Happily, there is now equipment to facilitate and automate pool management (analysis, treatment, cleaning, etc.) and simultaneously reduce consumption to enable each pool to operate more virtuously.

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Communication from the European Commission : The European Green Deal

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The European Green Deal : actions and timeline

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