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Technical guide on heating priority with Pentair

How can I ensure that my filtration pump and heat pump work in harmony?

Controlling a variable speed pump from a heat pump is simple to set up and makes the pool more efficient and more pleasant to swim in. It’s an essential service to offer your customers, who will greatly appreciate your expertise!



guide vs heat pump

In our free guide about heating priority, you will discover:

  • Why to choose a variable speed pump
  • Why to choose a heat pump 
  • How “Heating Priority” guarantees optimum efficiency of these two items of pool equipment
  • A step-by-step guide for connecting and configuring these two items
  • How to improve the efficiency and control of the pool further by automating it with Pentair Speedeo Connect

> Download our step-by-step guide now for configuring heating priority for your customers and making their pools easier to maintain, more economical and more pleasant to swim in.


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