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Speedeo Connect

With Speedeo Connect, you can easily enjoy your autonomous and smart pool!

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    Smart & Sustainable

    Equipment that is easy to use, reliable and durable, able to operate efficiently continuously and autonomously, saves resources (energy, water, products) and has a low environmental impact (life cycle of the swimming pool).

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  • Always clear water

  • Easy to connect and to control your pool remotely

  • Easily scalable to fit all pools

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Speedeo Connect controls your variable speed pump, your lighting or your pool heating. It can adjust the filtration time depending on the water temperature and therefore improve the water quality. It also has a freeze protection function, which is very practical in winter if your pool is in active wintering mode.

And thanks to its WiFi connection, you can now access, control or modify these parameters from anywhere. So wherever you are, you are reassured and fully in control of your pool. Speedeo Connect connects directly via WiFi or Lora (Long range radio) thanks to the Pentair Gateway (sold as an option) when the WiFi is not available close to your pool room.

Soleo connect: skilful control of your water treatment system, even from afar!

Do you already have an installed Soleo solution? If so, why not combine it with Speedeo Connect and the chemical parameters of the water will be automatically regulated and accessible remotely on your smartphone.

Speedeo Connect can be purchased alone, with the Soleo, as Soleo Connect or even with the Soleo Connect e-Box, offering you a complete and easy-to-install smart solution.

Features & Benefits

  • Always clear water

    Controls the variable speed pump and adapts the filtration time according to the water temperature
  • Easy to connect and to control your pool remotely

    Either directly via Wi-Fi, or with the Pentair Gateway option. Controls filtration, lighting and heating control
  • Easily scalable to fit all pools

    Just add a Soleo to it to manage the water treatment (also remotely)
  • Pentair Home connectivity

    Get instant information on the status of all your devices 24/7.
  • Pentair Pro connectivity

    The application provides professionals with all the information they need about their customers’ water in one place, at any time and in any location.


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