Pentair Pool Product Solutions Catalog 2023

Matthieu Selva Director of Pool, Pentair Europe WORD OF WELCOME 2023 As I talk to many professionals in the pool sector, there is a growing impression that ours is an industry under siege. Consumer appetite is being severely tested by many issues including rising construction costs, a significant increase in running costs and concerns over the environmental impact, heightened by the severe droughts we have seen in many parts of Europe this summer. As if these were not enough, we must also be ready to meet the Environmental Performance Standard: EN17645. This new EU Standard will require the classification of domestic swimming pools according to the efficiency of their equipment such as pumps, water treatment and lighting. It becomes mandatory in France in 2023 and implementation across Europe is sure to follow. While we welcome the new standard, it will place a burden of administration on us all whether specifying, selling or servicing pools. While these all represent real challenges for our industry, they must be seen as an opportunity to adapt or change the way we work. For over a decade, Pentair has been campaigning to create more smart and sustainable pools with our range of efficient and durable pool products that you will find in the following pages of this catalogue. Our variable speed pool pumps , designed with patented Pentair technology, can help pool owners save up to 90% in energy costs compared to conventional single or two-speed pumps. Look out for the game-changing IntelliFlo3 VSF pool pump . The new IntelliTemp Smart Inverter Vertical Heat Pump is our most efficient and silent heat pump ever. Automation products like the new Speedeo Connect take reductions in chemical dosing, water and energy usage to a new level. These, and many more smart, sustainable pool products, can be connected and controlled using the Pentair home app, giving your customers even more opportunities for control, cost savings and peace of mind. Pentair pool products like these are saving their owners millions of kilowatt-hours every year and have led to Pentair receiving the US Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Award, for the ninth consecutive year. The Agency estimates that since 2005, Pentair’s VS pool pumps alone have been responsible for saving consumers $3.6 billion in operating costs. There is no doubt that we have reached a pivot point and it is time for change. Complacency is simply not an option and we urge you to adopt, embrace and share our vision for smart, sustainable pools. They will protect the reputation of our industry through reduced energy consumption, fewer chemicals and quieter operation, while conserving, improving and sustaining life’s essential resource. Keep up to date with our smart, sustainable pool initiatives at