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  • Fire in our Pentair production site in Herentals - Belgium: update.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      May 8, 2018

Dear client,

A few weeks ago, we have informed you about the fire which had taken place on April 9, 2018 in our production site in Herentals - Belgium. Due to this incident we were forced to stop immediately the production of Triton filters and its derivatives (private labels).

The past 2 weeks we have extensively investigated all possibilities in order to reactivate the Triton filter production line. We can assure you that the necessary repairs on the single affected machine will be taken place as soon as possible.

However, please be aware that the restart of the Triton production line in Herentals depends now largely of the receipt of the related certificates of conformity. These certificates will be issued by the Belgian authorities, only after the repair of the affected machine, at a date which is unfortunately unknown and unpredictable to us.

In order to keep the impact on your business as low as possible, we are glad to confirm to you the immediate support of our production sites in the USA. They will supply our production plant with the necessary filter shells until we are able to restart our own local production again.

We do wish to reassure you about this American product. Many tests have been performed and allow us to guarantee that the final product will be in every aspect consistent with the product that you know and have enjoyed for many years.

Despite our best efforts the transport to Europe remains a factor that we cannot control. Hence we will only start delivering filters again with diameter 610 and 760 as of week 25 and filters with diameter 410 as of week 27. The lead-times will off course return to normal when our local production is up and running again.

We do not wish to alarm you by sharing this level of details. However we believe it is important to be transparent in our communication. This will allow you to organize yourself and, if necessary, ask your customers to be patient.

We also hope to limit like this the impact on your business, and rely on your support to get through this difficult period.

Please also consider that only the Triton filter line was damaged by this incident. Our other filter production lines have not been affected, as goes for all other Pentair and Sta-Rite material.

We remain at your disposal for any questions and we will answer these as soon as possible.

Kind regards,

Brice Nicolas

Director Europe

Pentair Aquatic Systems